Digital Footwear Design

Unleash Your Creativity!

What is RCS | RomansCAD System?

Romanscad is a digital footwear design software program creating virtual, true-to life shoe visualization with cutting-edge and robust simulation technologies for the footwear and leather goods industry.

RomansCAD System Digital Footwear Design

Cut your prototype costs by 70%.

 Creating a digital model based on a Last involves drawing the style lines (Sketch), creating your virtual model (pieces, accessories, ornaments, sole), applying the desired materials and colours and generating the 3D printing files.

We can virtualize your footwear collection of which sketch and pattern designs are completed before they are ever produced.

You can present your collection designed with realistic leathers, fabrics, trims and accessories in any color and variant you want. You can offer your 3D digital shoes, footwears for sale before physical production by integrating them into online shopping platforms.

Designing in 3D also means generating all the data to edit the technical files (design, variants, bill of materials (BOM), operating ranges, pre-costing, taxes, eco-design, factory 4.0). 3D models designed using RCS 3D become the main tools of communication between all departments both internally and externally.

RCS 3D will be the backbone of your product development and will allow you to shorten the inception&development cycle from several months to only a few weeks.

You don’t need to produce physical samples to bring your designs to life!

RCS Scan Line

RCS Scan Line is software designed to work with RCS 3D Last. Very easy to use, the program allows users to create a new last from a photo of a shoe model, a hand drawing, or an image

RCS 3D Sketch

RCS 3D Sketch is compatible with a variety of hardware interfaces to complement the designer’s work: tablet screen (e.g. Wacom Cintiq©), PC, tablet (Microsoft Surface©TM), etc.

RCS Showcase

RCS Showcase completes your digital 3D platform with the ability to publish your 3D models

RCS 2D Pattern Engineering

RCS 2D allows you pick up the flattened designs created with RCS 3D, edit the 2D graphic data (pieces), grade the pattern plans in different sizes and widths.


It is the benchmark product for calculating the production costs of your models ahead of their launch.
Indispensable for calculating your raw materials consumption, as well as the operation times (cutting, trimming, finishing, stitching, etc.). The data generated by RCS SL will enable you to calculate the cost of your models very precisely.

RCS Last Grade

With its automatic grading features, RCS Last Grade allows you to Grade your 3D lasts in line with all existing grading rules (European, American, etc.), Communicate with all CN machines.


RCS DM comes ready to use, meaning there are no customisation costs. Any changes your Development Centre makes to your program take effect in real time (type, number, surface, material associated with a room, etc.) It is an essential tool connecting the back office (design consultants) and the front office (purchasing, marketing, sales). It removes any kind of technical data entry requirement from your ERP/PLM IT tools. Report production (BOM Colours, Specifications, Last Definition report, Collection Book, Last Models, Pre-Costing report, etc.) is completely automated.

RCS 3D Last

RCS 3D Last is the 3D software to create your shoe lasts. All changes are made in 3D in order to obtain optimum accuracy. You can achieve all types of grading by applying different rules and constraints such as: coordinating the heel and/or the toe, specific grading for a boot, etc. Compatible with all 3D Digitisers on the market. Generates cutting files for lasts for all shapes.

RCS Cutting Solution RCS Lumiere

RCS Lumière takes you right through the entire cutting process, from nesting pieces on skins, either in manual, semi-automatic, or automatic mode, to the final cut. You will have all the necessary parameters, such as quality area, grain line, pattern point, etc, at your fingertips. Your cutter will have the use of a powerful cutting chart. It is updated in real time as you place your pieces.

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