New Generation Digital Texture Creation Scanner for Your Fabrics and Materials


Vizoo Xtex is not only a scanner or a software. It’s both. Vizoo offers the most advanced technology for scanning and digitizing fabrics and materials. Create physically based textures for a photorealistic 3D visualization.

Ultra High Quality

Vizoo Xtex can calculates textures based on physical material information and up to 2000dpi resolution.

Seamless Textures

Vizoo Software offers the most intuitive and effective tools to make textures seamless.

3D Connected

Vizoo Xtex is well connected with many 3D software tools.


Even unexperienced users can create stunning materials with Vizoo Xtex.

Efficient Workflow

You can perform the most common texture adjustments inside Vizoo Xtex.

Brilliant Textures – Easily

The Vizoo Xtex scanner captures materials with unmatched accuracy and speed.

Full PBR Support Included.​

Physically Based Rendering (PBR) is the new industry standard for rendering engines.
Vizoo Xtex measures all relevant characteristics to recreate a perfect PBR material.

Vizoo Xtex Creates All Textures Automatically:

PBR mode: Base Color, Roughness, Metalness, Transparency, Normal, Displacement Classic (Phong) mode: Diffuse Color, Roughness, Specular, Transparency, Normal, Displacement

Using World Class Nikon DSLR Camera Equipment.

With a range of supported lenses, xTex™ makes the most out of the D850’s and mirrorless Z7 series, using the 45 megapixel resolution to capture your materials at up to ~1000 DPI.

Clever Design, Sophisticated Technology.

Vizoo Xtex is the most compact device on the market for scanning physically based samples of up to A4 paper size. Nevertheless, it supports 8 light setups that can be triggered individually for the accurate capturing of various effects.

VIZOO physX™ Cloud Platform

Experience how Vizoo’s highly innovative physX™ platform provides physical parameters for 3D garment simulation. Build your digital fabric library accurately and lightning fast with physX™ engine.

Vizoo Xtex A4
The Complete solution for scanning and processing phsically based textures.

Vizoo Xtex A2
Largest capture area on the market, brilliant quality.

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