The Most Robust 3D Fashion Design Software CAD Program in the World.

What is CLO?

CLO is the world’s most preferred 3D Fashion Design Software CAD Program creating virtual,intuitive, AI ready, true-to life garment visualization with cutting-edge robust simulation engine technologies for the Fashion, Clothing, Garment Business and Textile industries.

Real-Time Interactivity With CLO

CLO’s unique interconnected interface allow users to access both 2D Pattern Window and 3D View Window from single screen.

It is an user friendly software that both Fashion Designer and Pattern Maker can use.


Streamline your design workflow and enhance team collaboration with CLO-Set, the ultimate platform for sharing and managing fashion design assets.

Bridge the gap between designers, technical designers, 3D modelers, merchandisers, sourcing, suppliers and even presentation at wholesale & retail with 3D renderings accessible in one centralized digital space.

What Makes CLO Different?

Real-Time Development

Instantly visualize any number of variations, no matter how eccentric or experimental they may be after all.

Slash Your Lead Times

CLO reduces the sample delivery time from 1 month to 27 hours, and you can increase the sample adoption rate from 15% to 55% or more on average.

With more than 15 years of research, CLO offers an end-to-end solution through the virtual simulation of garments, while supplying data on wider designs and technologic trends to its partners.

CLO Presentation and Sales

You can request detailed presentation and information from us about more features of CLO, and integrate CLO into your company's Digital Transformation processes.

Contact us to get detailed information and an offer about CLO licensing and services.