In the Masterkey Virtual Fashion Academy CLO3D training program, participants can use the features of their programs, prepare 3D fashion design studies in the digital environment, make patterns and technical studies using the CLO3D program, prepare different alternatives for design by creating variants, create a virtual fashion show using animation processes, and make presentations of their own designs. can acquire knowledge and skills. CLO3D Virtual simulations have become a part of design and marketing, from personal use to professional designs, and largely provide virtual reality. Developing technology with the rapidly it attracts much more attention especially in textile processes today.3D virtual garment simulation offers textile manufacturers and fashion designers advantages in terms of product development, garment customization and career entry speed. It is widely preferred by the world’s and Turkey’s leading ready-made clothing and textile companies. Designers will give a different direction to their careers by adding three dimensions to their careers with the CLO3D software. Masterkey CLO3D provides direct value-added technology services to the Textile and Ready-to-Wear industry by providing the Designers of textile companies with the opportunity to apply their imagined designs through virtual and realistic models and to present them to their customers on virtual podiums. Knowledge and ability to use the features of CLO3D, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator programs, to prepare 3D fashion design studies in digital environment, to make mold and technical studies using CLO3D program, to prepare different alternatives for design by creating variants, to create virtual fashion shows using animation processes, to make presentations of their own designs is gained. It directs textile companies to 3D design software, especially in textile and confection sector, due to the high sample costs and the labor, time loss, damage to the environment and fabric wastage caused by the classical old methods in the sample process. A limited number of samples made with classical methods can be designed in unlimited numbers with 3D software with minimum time and cost. This includes product development, mold making, design, tailoring and user experience. Thanks to CLO3D, which can be learned easily and quickly by all professionals who have received basic education in Stylist and Modeling, designers will be able to continue their careers with the title of 3D Fashion Designer, which is the profession of the future. Masterkey CLO3D is to help brands increase their margins, shorten their time to market and work closer to the consumer throughout their entire use, while reducing the negative impact on the environment associated with fashion production in their career. In addition, over time, it pioneered being called a “3D Fashion Designer”, not a Fashion Designer.