CLO 3d vs Marvelous Designer

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What are the differences between Clo3d and Marvelous Designer? Are Clo3d and Marvelous Designer the same software? How can I find out the comparative differences between Clo3d and Marvelous Designer? Which software should I learn, Clo3d or Marvelous Designer? Clo3d vs Marvelous Designer? Is CLO and marvelous designer the same? What is marvelous designer used for? What is Clo 3d used for?

Clo3d and Marvelous Designer are created by the same company. Therefore, there are similarities between their basic interfaces and operating principles.

The main difference between them; Clo3d was specialized in the field of Fashion, Ready-to-Wear, and Apparel industries, but Marvelous Designer is primarily used in the CG, animation, and gaming industries. Thus, while the two software continues to develop, differences between them have become more evident over the years.

From the very beginning, Clo3d has been developed to provide end-to-end services to manufacturers and brands in the Fashion, Ready-to-Wear, and Apparel sectors. From technical pattern creating to product development and design, and from fit control with the use of realistic fabrics to ultra-realistic 3d visualization, and also grading and cost calculations, Clo3d aims to provide all kinds of support to its clients.

It works in harmony with all the Cad Pattern Making Software. In this way, companies can dress their real-sized patterns on real-sized 3d models during the garment sampling processes. They can create 3d samples down to the smallest detail using realistic fabric drapes, surfaces, and real-looking hardware and trims. They can also apply different design ideas, give any color variants, calculate general rough costs, and get detailed Tech-packs on the created 3d digital samples.

One of the most important differences between the two software is Clo3d has its own Render engine. So for the final look, the 3d sample is posed with a realistic view in a virtual studio environment and is made ready to share with customers and all kinds of social media.

Thereby, with the opportunities Clo offers to companies in the technical field; It accelerates production processes, reduces costs, as well as enriches design processes by producing magnificent visual results without the need to use another software at all.

Clo3d offers solutions not only for large manufacturers but also for freelance designers, modelists, entrepreneurs who want to establish their own companies, digital designers, and creative agencies, thanks to all these features that have been constantly improved over the years and continue to be developed in each version.

On the other hand, Marvelous Designer is a customized version for 3d designers who are not professionally involved in fashion design businesses but work in the CG, 3d animation, and 3d gaming industries.

In fact, the main innovation both Clo3d and Marvelous Designer have brought to the 3d industry is the realistic and optimized working principle they put forward in fabric simulation, which is a very difficult process in other 3d programs. For this reason, Marvelous Designer is known as a very popular software among the world’s famous 3d designers and agencies when it comes to fabric simulation and garment creation.

Marvelous Designer – 3D Cloth Simulation for 3D Animation CGI Artists

Marvelous Designer works in full harmony with main 3d programs such as 3dsMax, Maya, C4d, and many more. It also has features such as auto fitting that can edit a garment for different models like human, animal, or cartoonish 3D characters. It also includes great features such as Mesh Transformation and Zbrush-like dynamic Wrinkle Brush, which 3d designers need to increase 3d surface quality and visuality.

However, features such as production-ready garment making, advanced pattern tools, grading, fit controls, and especially the Render engine found in Clo3d are not available in Marvelous Designer.

In this case, if you are asking yourself which software should I learn, you will see that the answer is actually very simple. If you are a 3d-based CG Artist with a previous 3d design background, you can take advantage of our training to add the Marvelous Designer into your work pipeline.

However, if you are working in the Fashion and Apparel industries and if you don’t have any former experience with 3d design processes, Clo3d, which has comprehensive features to easily familiarize you with the 3d world and respond to all your needs, is the perfect fit for you.

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