Interactive 3D Catalog and Virtual Showroom

What is Poly9?

Poly9 is an Interactive 3D Product Catalog and Virtual Showroom visualization technology focused on increasing sales and marketing for brands and companies.

3D Content Creation From CAD

POLY9 has created a standardized approach for all 3D content by enabling compatibility for all major 3D authoring tools such as 3DS Max, Solidworks, Maya, Rhino, skech-up, CLO and more software.

Photography is Not Enough!

Customers are increasingly interacting with you virtually, the digital display and presentation of products in critical to sales success.

Tailor Made For Your Industry

Poly9 has solutions for your industry, proven to deliver results.


POLY9 has enabled real-time rendering and support cross platform (Web, App, AR, VR and 3D Printing) to enable the largest reach and accessibility of high quality realistic 3D visualization to all users.

Customization is Not Easy

Offering Customization and personalized solutions to every customers is critical to your brand success, but challenging to achieve with accuracy.

Furniture Industry

Sell ready to buy and custom furniture products faster with larger order size.

Fashion Industry

Enable virtual buying experiences for highly differentiated fashion products virtually with higher confidence for customers.


Power your E-commerce experiences with 3D Visualization, real-time product customization and Digital photography.

Interior Design

Convert your interior design and commercial leads to customers faster with powerful 3D visualization of their projects.

Product Discovery

Enable customers to find products with A.I powered search


Develop unique product collections in 3D based on customer personas.

Real-Time Sales

Empower sales teams with real time product pricing and configurator to close deals faster.


With AR and VR experimental implementations you will be sure what your customer exactly request.

Digital Marketing

Create eye catching marketing assets powered by high quality rendering.

Product Presentation

Showcase Products to customers in interactive and realistic 3D experiences.

Provide your customers with a unique product experience with 3D, AR, VR visualization with Poly9, no matter what industry you operate in.

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