Masterkey, the prime business partner of CLO3D, started to offer digitization & 3d animation services to brands with their new sub-brand MSTKY Studio.

Masterkey’s vast knowledge in 3d fashion gained through the digitalization and transformation of the textile, fashion and ready-to-wear industry for long years. Our services includes 3D Virtual Runway, virtual sample, digital clothes, 3d avatars, virtual dummy, virtual showrooms and creating virtual environments that are completely compatible with Metaverse. We create the products of famous brands for their customers hosted as virtual fashion shows in the Metaverse.

3d digital fashion is not only limited to 3d clothing for avatars but wider area of applications from gaming to skins, NFT, AR, VR, Web 3.0 & blockchain. Top of all the flexibility offered by 3d fashion, it’s also way more sustainable than physical production.