3D Digital Fabric Virtualization, Virtual Fabric & Material

What is 3d digital fabric? What is Virtual Fabric? What is the 3d fabric virtualization process like? What is the fabric digitization process like?Where can I find 3d digital fabrics? Where can I access Masterkey Virtual Fabric Lab, 3d digital fabric services?

Masterkey Virtual Fabric Lab started to provide services to digitize your fabrics and materials with the ultra-realistic appearance and fabric drape. Now you can transform your fabrics into 3d digital virtual fabrics to be used in your 3d garment designs or to be displayed in the global market. Add the latest service of Masterkey Virtual Fashion, 3d digital fabric virtualization, to your workflow and become a part of the future fashion and textile world by completing your end-to-end digital transformation.

The 3d fabric digitalization process starts with the Clo Fabric Kit, by applying stretch, bend, and drape tests to the samples taken from every grain direction of the fabric. Values that are meticulously checked and compared throughout the process are entered into the Clo Fabric Kit Emulator interface for the creation of the physical characteristics of a 3d digital fabric file.

The most realistic physical result is obtained by repeatedly comparing the created 3d virtual fabric and real fabric.

To achieve the most realistic surface scanning of the fabric, the Vizoo Xtex Fabric Surface Scanner is used, which includes specially developed software and a high-resolution Nikon DSLR camera system to get the best digital results with the latest technology. By capturing ultra-HD PBR maps and automatic tiling features, ultra-realistic texture images are provided for 3d digital fabrics.

You can get the most accurate results from your 3d garments by using your 3d digital virtual fabrics with ultra-realistic appearance and realistic physical properties provided as a result of the fabric virtualization process and now you can run your sample fitting processes much faster with less cost.

You can create digital fabric swatches with your 3d digital fabrics, create your own fabric and material library by uploading them into Clo’s official cloud-based asset management and communication platform Clo-Set and share them with your customers during the design process. At the same time, you can open your business to the global market through Swatchbook which is a material sourcing and material cloud platform and meet with suppliers and customers from all over the world by securely displaying and marketing your fabrics.

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